Do High Schools Hold Graduation on the Same Day Each Year?


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High schools do not hold graduation on the same day each year, as there are no rules or mandates that require it. There is also the possibility of changes to the graduation date due to weather, such as rain, which may make it difficult if the venue is outdoors.

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Most high schools hold graduation at the end of the school year, which is typically in May or June. There is a "180-day minimum school year requirement" for schools in the United States and these days must be completed before the graduation ceremony can take place. The graduation celebrates that the students have completed all of their high school coursework and are now receiving their GEDs.

Sadly, there are currently 7 percent of 16- to 24-year-olds who do not have their GED and who are not enrolled in any courses, reports the Institute of Education Sciences. These students face many hardships throughout their life including difficulty finding gainful employment. Thankfully, this percentages has declined since 1990 and is expected to continue to decline moving forward. All students who are enrolled in high school are encouraged by their high school guidance counselors to start a graduation plan, which can help students map out what classes they need to take in order to graduate, as well as what they wish to do after graduation.

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