What Is a Helpful Timeline for a Wedding-to-Do List?

What Is a Helpful Timeline for a Wedding-to-Do List?

Helpful timelines for a wedding to-do list are available on TheKnot.com and RealSimple.com; each timeline has items listed according to how far in advance of the wedding the couple should complete them. Checklists typically begin with items that should be completed about 10 to 16 months before the wedding.

The earliest period includes setting the wedding budget, selecting the wedding party, beginning the guest list and creating a general idea for the wedding.

The bride should purchase her dress around eight months before the wedding, since she needs to schedule multiple fittings. The groom should purchase or rent his tuxedo around three months before the wedding, and pick it up a couple days beforehand to make sure it fits correctly.

The couple should send save the date cards about six to eight months before the wedding. They should mail the invitations six to eight weeks before the wedding and set an RSVP cutoff date three weeks before it. After the cutoff date, they should begin contacting anyone who did not respond.

The couple should adjust their timeline as necessary based on the amount of time until the wedding. No matter which checklist they use, they should modify it for their wedding's unique needs.