What Are Some Heartfelt Thank-You Messages?

One example of a heartfelt thank-you message is "I want you to know that I took your opinions to heart, and have followed through on your suggestions. Thank you for your generosity." Thank-you messages vary depending on the reason. Examples of reasons that people commonly write thank-you messages for include receiving birthday or wedding gifts, advice, friendship, hospitality and for various business occasions.

An example of a heartfelt thank-you message for a birthday gift is "Thank you so much for the sweet birthday gift. It really brightened my day! Every time I use it, I will think of you and your thoughtfulness."

Tips for writing a thank-you note include focusing on the other person, specifically mentioning any gift that was received in a positive manner, and avoiding jokes unless the other person definitely has a good sense of humor. Additionally, writing a thank-you note by hand gives a more personal and sentimental feeling than an email or text message. It may help to write a first draft and to keep the message short and to the point. If the thank-you message is for a gift received, include a sentence or two about how the gift is helpful or being used.