How Is a Haunted House Made?

How Is a Haunted House Made?

Make a haunted house by adding spooky decorations such as spiderwebs and skulls to a dark house. Have actors hiding, ready to scare the guests.

A haunted house can be made anywhere. All that is needed is creativity, time and a few people willing to help.

Step 1: Find a location

The haunted house can be inside, outside or even in just one room. A garage is a great area to set up.

Step 2: Decorate the area

Decide if the haunted house will have a theme. Use decorations that fit with the theme or just have random items. Most haunted houses appear old and dirty.

Step 3: Use props

Place props around in a dark room that the guests can feel. Cold noodles can be brains or worms. Peeled grapes feel a lot like eyeballs.

Step 4: Get others involved

Have other people hiding where they cannot be seen, to scare people. For instance, have someone hiding in the closet ready to jump out when the guests pass by. All participants should dress up in scary costumes.

Think of the audience that will be viewing the haunted house to determine how scary or real it should be. If the main guests will be younger children, the house should not be terrifying. For older guests, it may be harder to scare them.