What Happens on Your Suhaag Raat?

happens-suhaag-raat Credit: uniquely india/Getty Images

The suhag raat is often the first time alone that a couple gets to spend together after the wedding ceremony in Hindu and Muslim marriages. When the couple enters their married home together for the first time, the new wife is made to kick a pot of rice before entering.

After entering the house, the wife is lead through each room of the house where she places her handprints on the walls for luck before playing games with her new in-laws. After the games conclude, the couple leaves to retire to their room for the evening. The groom's sisters tease the couple, attempting to keep them from entering the room. Before they can enter, the groom has to give his sisters gifts and money. The groom is then expected to carry his bride into the room. Flowers are used to decorate the room for the bride and the groom. The next morning the groom decorates his new wife's forehead with vermillion while looking into a mirror. The couple visits the mandap and gives praise to the sun god. The suhag raat is the final wedding ritual in a Hindu marriage. It is expected that, at least to society, the bride and groom are both virgins until after the suhag raat.