What Happens on Christmas Day?

Christmas day is different to every family, person and group. Some celebrate at home by opening presents, singing carols and decorating. Others travel to parties or visit places they've never visited. Christmas has evolved throughout the years into numerous traditions.

A traditional family Christmas has a large dinner, a decorated Christmas tree, presents and stockings hung near a fireplace. Families usually stick with traditions throughout the years and pass them down to their children.

Many families and friends visit each other's homes to celebrate with gift-giving and cookie exchanges.

There are also people who do not follow tradition on this day. Those who can't be with their families tend to go out to bars, restaurants, movies and other venues. Some travel to states or countries they have never seen. Others take advantage of vacation time and go on road trips or weekend getaways.

Historically, Christmas has changed throughout time. It started as a small celebration, with people looking forward to warmer days after the winter solstice had passed. Over the years, food became part of the yearly celebration and, eventually, turned into feasts. Decorations slowly made their appearance and gift-giving followed, until it became the traditional way to celebrate Christmas.