How Do I Hang an Upside-Down Christmas Tree?

To hang an upside-down Christmas tree, attach an artificial tree base to a ceiling joist, turn the tree upside-down, and securely fasten it into place. You need a lightweight artificial Christmas tree and decorations, a tape measure, a stud finder, a chain, a drill and an assortment of hooks and bolts.

  1. Locate a space

    Measure the room from floor to ceiling before buying a tree, and determine how far the tree can hang down, factoring in a treetop ornament. With a stud marker, find a ceiling joist in the space and mark it.

  2. Buy a tree

    Ensure the artificial tree is lightweight, with a stand that securely fastens to the tree base. A stand with predrilled holes is preferable. Check that the tree is the correct height and width to fill the space.

  3. Drill a pilot hole

    At the joist mark, drill a pilot hole and screw in an eye bolt. Then clip a quick link into the eye bolt. In the corner of the room nearest the tree, screw a hook in the ceiling to drape a light cord.

  4. Secure the tree stand

    Separate the stand from the tree and secure it to the eye bolt with several quick links. Thread the chain through the stand, putting both end links over the quick links, and then securely tighten the link until it's closed. Bend wire through the stand holes and hook them onto the quick links.

  5. Attach the tree base

    Turn the tree upside-down, insert it into the stand and securely fasten it in place. Fluff out the branches as appropriate.

  6. Decorate the tree

    Attach decorations and lights by tightening ornament hangers around each branch. Run the light cord up to the ceiling, attach an extension cord and use the hook to secure the wire down to a power outlet.