How Do You Hang a Garland Around Your Front Door?

To hang a garland around your front door, insert screws into the wood door frame. Secure the garland to the screws with floral wire, which is inconspicuous but strong.

  1. Insert screws

    Mark the place you want to attach the garland at the corners of your door frame with a pen. To allow plenty of room for the garland to hang without being in the way, place the screws a few inches from the edge of the door frame. Measure to make sure the screws are the same distance from the door frame edge; this ensures that the garland is even on both sides. To prevent the wood from splitting, drill a small hole in the door frame and insert screws.

  2. Use floral wire to hang the garland

    To secure the garland to the screws, use floral wire. Wrap the wire around the garland where you want it to meet the corners of the door frame. Allow a little extra space between the corners to allow the garland to sag a bit, creating a natural look. Attach the floral wire securely to each screw.

  3. Decorate the garland

    After the garland is installed, decorate it to match the rest of your Christmas decor with lights, bows, pine cones or ornaments.