How Do You Hang Christmas Tree Ribbon?

hang-christmas-tree-ribbon Credit: Gazimal/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Hanging Christmas tree ribbon is a matter of personal taste, but you typically drape ribbon around the Christmas tree starting from the bottom working your way to the top, tucking in any loose ends. You can use Christmas tree ribbon to hang your ornaments simply by removing the manufacturer-provided hooks, and then tying on a 5-inch piece of ribbon. This method helps ornaments stay on the tree better.

Be as creative as you want by mixing colors, textures and patterns. You can even twist two or more ribbons together creating a fun and unique look. Another way to hang Christmas tree ribbon is to drape the ribbon down the tree vertically. Cut three pieces of ribbon the height of your tree and tuck them into the top and let the ribbons flow down the length of the tree.

Decorate your tree by using bows made with pre-wired ribbon. This can be as easy as cutting several 12-inch pieces of ribbon and tying them just as you would shoe laces. Position your bows between the branches of your Christmas tree. It is best to hang the ribbon on your tree after the lights have already been put on to avoid tangling them together.