How Do You Hang Christmas Lights on Vinyl Siding?

hang-christmas-lights-vinyl-siding Credit: Steve Dunwell/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Two of the best options for decorating with strings of miniature lights for the holidays or a party on vinyl siding are special clips that slide between the joints of the siding and self-adhesive clips. Regardless of the type of clips selected, leaving them in place when putting away decorations ensures the siding is ready for placing the lights again in the future.

Hanging lights is easier when the homeowner has a plan. Drawing the plan on graph paper allows him to scale the plan to the home. After drawing the plan, he is ready to place the lights. He begins by turning a sliding hook on its side and slipping it behind the siding. After installing all the clips, he slips the strands of lights into place.

Self-adhesive clips give the homeowner more control of where he places the attachment. However, they require cleaning the siding before sticking them in place. Dirt or oxidation interferes with adhesion of the clips to the siding. Once the siding is clean, he removes the protective layer from the hook and sticks it in place.

When installing holiday lights, homeowners must heed the manufacturer's directions for the number of strands that he joins. Most light sets have fuses, and overloading causes the fuses to blow. However, if he joins too many light sets and the fuse does not blow, the circuit overload creates a fire hazard.