What Are Some Halloween Party Ideas for Kids?


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Some Halloween party ideas for kids include a donut-eating race, a mummy wrap, and a skeleton relay race. These games are inexpensive and simple to set up. Parents or chaperones can offer candy or small toys as prizes for winning.

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For the donut-eating race, tie donuts from a tree limb in a line or from a string on a ceiling. Blindfold the children and then set them loose to find and finish the donuts first.

For the mummy wrap game, split the children into two groups and hand out several rolls of toilet paper. One child wraps another from head to toe in toilet paper to make a mummy. Remind the children to leave an open space for eyes and to wrap the arms individually instead of around the entire body. Once completely wrapped, the children race to the finish line.

The skeleton relay race requires buying skeleton decorations that are easily taken apart. Place two piles of separated skeleton bones on a table on one side of a room across from the children. One child from each team races across the room and grabs a bone. This continues until the children gather all the bones. The first team to reassemble its skeleton wins.

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