What Are Some Halloween Party Games?

What Are Some Halloween Party Games?

Some Halloween party games are "donuts on a string," "guess what's in the bowl" and "bobbing for apples." Some others are "Halloween who am I?" "create a scary story" and "mummy wrap."

To play "donuts on a string," hang several donuts from strings, and let blindfolded contestants compete to see who can eat their donut first. The strings can be suspended from a branch or rod.

For "guess what's in the bowl," fill several bowls with foods that feel like scary or gross things. For example, use peeled grapes for eyeballs, cooked noodles for worms and gelatin for guts. Let blindfolded guests feel the items and try to guess what they are touching.

The classic game "bobbing for apples" is played by floating several apples in a shallow container filled with water and letting contestants try to fish them out using only their mouths.

For "Halloween who am I?" write the name of a different scary movie character on several pieces of paper or index cards. Tape one to the back of each guest. Guests can ask questions of the other guests in an effort to guess the character assigned to them. The first one to figure it out wins.

To play "create a scary story," sit in a circle, and have one person tell the first few sentences of a scary story. The next person then adds a few sentences, and so on until each person has had at least one turn. Try to make the stories as scary, funny or gross as possible.

For "mummy wrap," divide guests into teams, and give each team the same amount of gauze, ace bandages or toilet paper. Each team then chooses a person to be the mummy. Team members must have their mummy wrapped first to win.