What Are Some Halloween Games for a Haunted House?


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Some fun Halloween games for a haunted house include Mummy Wrap, What's in the Bowl? and Bobbing for Apples. Some takes on existing games haunted house visitors can play with pumpkins include golf, bowling and bocce.

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What Are Some Halloween Games for a Haunted House?
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For Mummy Wrap, haunted house guests take several rolls of toilet paper and simply wrap them around another guest to give him the appearance of a mummy. What's in the Bowl? is a classic haunted house game where visitors close their eyes and try to guess what creepy thing is in the bowl, such as grapes for eyeballs and spaghetti for guts. Bobbing for Apples is a classic game where the party host fills up a shallow bucket with water, dumps apples in it and has the guests try to fetch them out with their mouths.

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