What Are Some Halloween Food Recipes for Kids?


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Martha Stewart's slimy bog balls and grape-lemonade ghost ice pops are two kid-friendly Halloween recipes. The balls combine goat cheese, pesto and fresh herbs for a fun and simple snack, while the ghost-shaped frozen grape juice ice pops are an easy-to-make dessert with honeydew melon balls and raisins for eyes.

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To make a dozen slimy bog balls, spread 3/4 cup of pesto on a serving plate, and then combine 2/3 cup of mixed fresh herbs and 2 teaspoons of grated lemon zest in a small bowl, and season with salt and pepper. Roll 10 1/2 ounces of fresh goat cheese into 12 balls, and then roll them in the herb mixture to coat. Place the balls on top of the pesto, and serve with Belgian endive leaves.

The grape-lemonade ghost ice pop recipe serves six and calls for 1 cup of Concord grape juice, 3/4 cup of fresh lemon juice, 2/3 cup of sugar, 6 halved raisins and 12 small honeydew melon balls. Whisk together the juices, sugar and 1/2 cup of water until the sugar dissolves. Make the eyes by flattening each raisin half and then pressing it into the flat side of one of the melon balls. Wedge the melons into the bottom third of six ice pop molds, and then pour the juice mixture into each mold with ice pop sticks. Freeze until solid, and serve.

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