What Are Some Halloween Cake Ideas?


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Some Halloween cake ideas include a cookies and cream cake using Oreos and fondant strips to make spiders on the sides or a cake with gooey icing and plastic or candy insects all over it. For a vampire theme, make a red velvet cake with white icing and drops of red food coloring splashed over the top to simulate blood.

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Halloween cakes can also follow the subject of monsters. For example, one idea is a round cake with orange icing that has been piped to resemble fur, with a candy mouth and teeth, and several cake pops stuck into the cake that are made to look like eyes. Another idea is a rectangular cake with a green icing base and black icing piped over it to create the face of Frankenstein's monster.

To make a cake with ghosts inside, first bake a vanilla cake, and using a ghost-shaped cookie cutter, cut several ghosts from the cake. Next prepare some chocolate cake batter, and place the ghost cut-outs upright into the cake tin. Pour the chocolate batter over the white ghost shapes, and bake. The result is a chocolate cake that reveals white ghosts standing in the middle when it is cut. Ice the cake with some Halloween colors like orange or black.

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