What Do You Get a Guy for Valentines Day?


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For Valentine's Day, a partner can get a guy anything he would enjoy, but gifts should be based on the stage the relationship is in, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine. The longer someone has been in a romantic relationship with a guy, the more expensive or romantic the gifts can be.

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If someone is just starting a relationship with a guy or if the relationship is casual, the Valentine's gift should cost between $20 and $25, and it should be something thoughtful but simple. Ideas include a DVD, a book or homemade baked goods.

If one is in a newly committed relationship with a guy, that person should get him a gift that is creatively thoughtful. Ideally, the gift should reflect his interests. Another option for a gift for a committed relationship is to buy tickets to an event.

Someone in a long-term committed relationship can give a guy something that memorializes an aspect of their relationship. Examples include a framed picture or a token representing an experience the couple had together. Alternatively, someone in a long-term committed relationship can also consider spending between $100 or more on a Valentine's present. Gifts in this price range include skydiving lessons, cooking classes or a weekend away.

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