What Are Some Gross-Looking but Tasty Recipes for Halloween?

What Are Some Gross-Looking but Tasty Recipes for Halloween?

Some gross-looking but tasty Halloween recipes include a baked human hand, jello blood worms, zombie brain cupcakes and cat poop fudge. Make bloody eyeballs by cooking chicken in a tomato sauce and adding black olives for the pupils.

Severed fingers and a baked human hand are both meat-based Halloween recipes. To make the former, carve hot dogs into finger shapes. At one end, cut out an indent for the fingernail or onion pieces. Attach the onion nails to the hot dog fingertips with ketchup.

To make a baked human hand, stuff a basic meatloaf into a jello hand-shaped mold, and place part of a cut onion in the wrist portion for the bone and onion pieces at the ends of the fingers for fingernails. Serve the meatloaf hand in a bed of mashed potatoes.

Make a seething mass of realistic blood warms from gelatin by pouring 3 cups of boiling water over one 6-ounce package of raspberry or grape-flavored gelatin and 3 envelopes or 3 tablespoons of unflavored gelatin. Whisk the mixture until the gelatin completely dissolves, and put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

Whisk 3/4 cup of whipping cream and 15 drops of green food coloring into the now lukewarm gelatin mixture, and then pour it into a container filled with bendy straws unbent and bundled together. Chill the gelatin-filled straws for eight hours before carefully running hot water over the straws and pushing the jello worms out.