What Are Some Great Candy Gram Ideas?

Organizing a candy gram for a fundraiser or just for fun is a great idea in itself, but it is important to choose the right candy, decorations, message cards and how the candy gram is delivered. A candy gram can be held anywhere, such as a school, church or within the local community.

A few helpful tips go a long way to organizing a successful candy gram fundraiser. Simple tasks, such as candy selection, advertising campaigns or even decorating supplies help.

Step 1: Choose the right candy

Make sure the candy is prepackaged, easily tagged with a message card and is affordable enough to earn a profit. A lollipop or a candy cane make a great choice since both are inexpensive, can be purchased in bulk and offer an easy way to slide a message card onto. Consider dog bones for pet owners who want to surprise their family pet with a treat.

Step 2: Decorate the candy

Depending on the holiday or the occasion, the candy can be decorated in a variety of ways. Ribbons tied around the candy add a nice touch and message cards can be cut into shapes, such as snowmen or snowflakes for Christmas, hearts for Valentines Day or even bones for dog treats.

Step 3: Advertise and set up in a busy place

Start advertising the candy gram at least 2 weeks before the event to get people interested. Use flyers, social media platforms and local newspapers to advertise the candy gram for a good turnout. When it is time to set up for the big day, make sure the table is in a high traffic area where everyone will see the display.