What Are Some Graduation Products Offered by Balfour?

As of 2015 Balfour offers graduation announcements, name cards and thank you notes for high school graduates, notes Balfour.com. The company also sells high school memory books, pendants, key chains and necklaces.

Balfour produces a variety of graduation products designed to make sharing graduations fun and easy. Students and parents may order Balfour products through their school or online on Balfour.com.

Balfour designs graduation announcements specifically for each school. Each announcement is engraved on premium paper with the school's official crest. Name cards are available with the announcements. Each name card comes printed with the student's name and graduation year. Slip these cards into the graduation announcements for a personalized touch.

Balfour designs personalized high school memory books for graduates that include all the special events from a student's high school career. Students can choose what to include in each book.

The company also designs senior gear, which includes T-shirts, hoodies, hats and flip-flops. This line of casual Balfour products is specifically designed for each particular school and comes in a variety of designs and prices. Seniors may also choose from a number of senior pride items, including keychains and necklaces that show off the graduation year. Prices and selection vary, and a complete list of these items can be found from Balfour.com.