What Are Some Good Words for Birthday Wishes?

Some good words for birthday wishes include "Warmest wishes and love on your birthday" and "Wishing you a happy birthday and a year that’s blessed." Additional good words for birthday wishes include compliments on the person's positive, personal qualities, congratulations on reaching a certain age, and an expression of thankfulness for a person's friendship and personal support.

Good words for a birthday wish include a personal message that conveys warmth and friendliness. For a friend, a person might say that she is glad that the person celebrating the birthday is a part of her life. The person might wish the celebrant everything that she wants for herself. If the person celebrating is discouraged, good birthday wishes include telling the person that her life is set to improve or that she deserves a celebration.

If a birthday celebrates a milestone such as a 50th or 75th birthday, good birthday wishes often include noting the milestone. The person offering the wishes might state that the age is the perfect age or that reaching the age is a big deal. Alternatively, good wishes for a young child include commenting on how old the child is and suggesting that the child is amazing or a prince or princess.

For a significant other, good birthday wishes include thanking the person for making life better. If the celebrant is a son or daughter, expressing pride in the child's accomplishments and character is a good way to offer birthday wishes.