What Are Some Good Wordings for a Holiday Greeting Card?

good-wordings-holiday-greeting-card Credit: Jamie Grill/n/a/Getty Images

One example of a message for a holiday greeting card is, "Wishing you the peace, joy and love of the season." Another example is, "Wishing you joy in this festive season." Christmas and New Year's messages are often combined into one greeting card. An example of this type of message is, "Happy holidays, and best wishes for a wonderful new year."

Christmas greeting card messages commonly have a religious reference or tone. One example of a religious Christmas message is, "May God's blessing be yours this Christmas." Easter cards commonly contain religious messages as well. "May you feel the love of Christ this Easter," is one example of a religious Easter message.

Other popular holidays that people exchange cards during include Mother's or Father's Day, Valentine's Day and Halloween. The tone of greeting card messages varies from funny and simple to inspirational and formal. Additionally, messages in greeting cards may be different according to the age and nature of the recipient. Holiday messages for children, for example, are likely to differ from holiday messages intended for a significant other.

An example of a message for a Halloween greeting card is, "If the broom fits, ride it." Halloween messages often have themes pertaining to common costumes and other Halloween traditions, such as trick-or-treating and scaring people.