What Is a Good Wording for a First Birthday Invitation?


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Invitations for a first birthday party should include the name of the child, the address of the party's location, and the date and time of the party. Parents may also include a party theme, if applicable, and a note to guests if gifts are not appropriate.

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Many parents opt to host theme parties for their children's birthdays. If this is the case, the wording for the invitation should reflect the theme. Some parents also choose short poems, couplets or entertaining puns to add to the wording of the party invitations.

Due to the child's age, space restrictions or preference, some parents opt for a no-gift policy for birthdays for small children or ask for gifts of books in lieu of toys. This preference should be stated in the wording of the invitation, but it should be seen as a preference and not a requirement. Guests may still bring a gift of their choice or choose to bring no gift at all.

Hosts may also wish to state in the wording of the invitation whether food is served at the party or if refreshments are limited to cake and a beverage. If admission to an event is included for guests of the party, this should also be clearly stated on the invitation so that guests know what to expect.

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