What Are Some Good Wishes for a Daughter's Wedding?

Some good wishes for a daughter's wedding include expressing hope that the daughter's marriage brings her happiness and offering to continue to help the daughter with her life. Many parents also express good wishes by recalling the time when the daughter dated her future spouse and thanking God for uniting the new couple.

When a daughter marries, the parents often express happiness that the daughter's wish to find a partner came true. The parents express happiness that the bride's partner loves her. The parents express a wish for their daughter's ongoing happiness. They express hope that the new couple finds unity within their marriage.

Other good wishes for a daughter's wedding include complimenting the daughter on how beautiful she looks in her wedding dress. The speaker says that the sight of the daughter in her wedding dress is touching. The parent expresses pride at walking the daughter to the altar. The speaker says that his goal is to see the daughter move forward in life and that attending the daughter's wedding is part of that process.

Additional good wishes for a daughter's wedding include recalling how happy the daughter sounded when she told her parents of her upcoming marriage. The parents recall waiting for the daughter to return home from dates in order to ask how the evening went. The parents then wish the daughter many positive things such as goodness, joy and fulfillment in her marriage. They mention that God brought the daughter her partner, and they express gratitude for God's hand in bringing the daughter her spouse.