What Are Some Good Wedding Night and Honeymoon Destinations?

What Are Some Good Wedding Night and Honeymoon Destinations?

Some good wedding night and honeymoon destinations include Hawaii, Costa Rica, Mexico, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. These top choices for couples offer romantic activities and accommodations.

The islands of Hawaii feature scenic tropical beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Polynesian culture, seafood and floral gardens are some of the highlights for visitors. There are also a number of all-inclusive resorts for couples to choose from in Hawaii.

Hot spring spas and beaches make Costa Rica a favorite destination for newlyweds. The Caribbean locale also offers diverse natural settings, including waterfalls, rivers, parks and rainforests. For adventurous outings, tours of wildlife refuges and volcanic sites are available.

Honeymoon locations in Mexico include popular cities such as Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Cancun. Private beaches and fine dining make Mexico a favorite for couples. Tropical resort accommodations provide carefree getaways for newly married couples.

California offers wineries, parks and beaches for honeymoon enjoyment. Couples travel to the state to experience Wine Country tours. Big Sur and Yosemite Valley include parks with mountains and redwood forests. Many famous beaches are also located in California.

Luxury and entertainment are two reasons why newlyweds choose Las Vegas for their honeymoon. The city includes a range of top hotels and resorts that provide deluxe accommodations. There are also numerous options for live entertainment and dining in Las Vegas.