What Is a Good Wedding Message to Put in a Card for a Friend?


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A good wedding message for a friend is anything that reflects positive thoughts and feelings for the couple and their milestone. Traditional messages include those conveying wishes for "the joy in your wedding" and "the beauty of your life together."

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Blue Mountain suggests jotting down thoughts before writing the message. The notes should include the friend's description of the couple, favorite things about each individual, memories of the couple and qualities that make them good for each other. Advice or an extra special wish for their future together work well, too. It's also appropriate to include how much it means to the friend to share the special day with the couple. Including some of these ideas makes the message more personal when combined with the traditional wishes.

Quotations about love also work for wedding cards, according to Life Daily. For instance, St. Augustine once said, "Insomuch as love grows in you, so beauty grows. For love is the beauty of the soul.” The poet Pablo Neruda wrote, "Love is the fire that feeds our life." Either of those would be a good beginning to a personal message for a friend getting married.

Spiritual and/or inspirational messages are also appropriate, such as Bible quotes or messages beginning with phrases, such as "Bless you," or even phrases mentioning God specifically, depending upon the religious tradition(s) of the betrothed couple.

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