What Is a Good Way to Make Halloween Witch Cupcakes?


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To make Halloween cupcakes decorated like witches, bake the cupcakes using a recipe such as MarthaStewart.com’s Hershey’s chocolate cupcakes, and apply a large dollop, approximately 1/3 cup, of green-tinted buttercream icing to each one. To create the witch’s face, add a candy corn for the nose, brown M&Ms for the eyes and small pieces of black licorice for the eyebrows, mouth and hair. Place a pointed, chocolate-flavored ice cream cone upside down on the cupcake to form a witch’s hat.

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Alternatively, frost a cupcake with buttercream icing, and place a green gumdrop candy in the center to form the witch’s face, attaching a small green mint for the nose. Pinch off a small piece from a red gumdrop, and press it onto the green gumdrop to create a mouth. Add a white sprinkle for crooked teeth, and two chocolate sprinkles for eyes. To create the witch’s hair, place two skinny pieces of black licorice on either side of the gumdrop face. Finally, mold a black gumdrop into a conical shape to create a witchy hat, placing another length of black licorice horizontally underneath it to form the hat’s brim.

To create cupcakes inspired by the wicked witch from "The Wizard of Oz," make legs with orange fondant rolled into 3-inch long logs. Shape black fondant into pointed shoes, and join the shoes to the orange legs. Arrange the legs on a plate, pipe black icing on them to form striped stockings, and then place a frosted cupcake face downwards so that the legs stick out from underneath it.

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