What Are Some Good Things to Write in a Christmas Card?

good-things-write-christmas-card Credit: Mosman Delivery/CC-BY 2.0

According to Hallmark, some of the best themes for written messages in Christmas cards include sending happy wishes, wishing for a reconnection, acknowledging a loss or acknowledging a difficult year. Whether sending a card to a close friend or someone estranged for an extended period, there is a suitable greeting to make Christmas card writing simple.

A popular theme in Christmas cards is to send happy wishes, stating something such as "wishing you a happy holiday and new year," according to Hallmark. For an relationship that has been lacking in recent years, something along the lines of "I wish that we could reconnect and spend some time together" is a good choice.

For a friend or family member who has suffered a loss in the past year, writing something such as "holding your family in our hearts this holiday season" is appropriate. For a struggling family member, consider writing something such as "treat yourself to something this holiday season you deserve it."

Recalling past memories is another great way to reconnect in a holiday card, according to Hallmark. Beginning a greeting with "I think of you when ..." is thoughtful, while "Christmas always reminds me of ..." is a good choice to highlight a shared memory of the holidays.