What Are Some Good Things to Include in a Memorial Speech?


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Some good things to include in a memorial speech are favorite memories the speaker has of the deceased person and achievements or awards the person received during his lifetime. Family history, hobbies and interests also make great additions to a speech to commemorate the life of the deceased.

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A memorial speech celebrates the life of the person who has passed, and a close relative or friend of the deceased usually delivers it during the funeral or memorial service. A memorial speech can include personal stories that the audience may not have heard about the deceased person, especially those that illustrate the admirable qualities of the decedent. Positive memories of the person are best, while the wisest course is to avoid stories that include bad memories and issues such as drug or alcohol abuse or legal issues. Childhood stories that relatives may have forgotten can be especially touching and welcome during this difficult time.

Special awards or achievements the person received while alive are also excellent additions to a memorial speech. Favorite lyrics, poems or passages from a religious text are some other ideas to include. Acknowledgement of contributions to charities and other organizations by the person during his lifetime are acceptable additions.

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