What Are Good Themes for a Winter Formal Dance?

Some good themes for a winter formal dance include a ski-inspired theme or an ugly sweater theme. Some other ideas include a movie or music-themed dance or a snow and ice-inspired theme.

For a ski-inspired theme, the room has a ski lodge look, with skis propped up around the room, a large fake fireplace centered on one wall, long wooden tables and big upholstered chairs placed around the perimeter of the dance floor. Another wall has a paper mural with white mountain slopes and ski lifts painted on it.

For an ugly sweater theme, guests dress in outrageous sweaters designed with winter or holiday themes on them, and guests can participate in a contest for the best ugly sweater. The room has banners all over with large construction paper sweaters arranged across them, as well as wacky string lights randomly arranged throughout the venue.

For a movie or music theme, a movie or song with winter-related words in the title becomes the name of the event, even if they are not holiday-related. For example, the movie "Frozen," or any song with the word "ice" in it, provides decor color options using snow or ice in the colors of blue and silver. For snow or ice-inspired themes, fake igloo decor or fake ice blocks for seating work well. White blankets of cotton placed on tables, paper snowflakes on the walls and hanging from the ceiling, and Arctic animals around the venue make up the bulk of the decor. Snow machines or fake snow flakes create an indoor snow storm.