What Are Some Good Themes for a Winter Formal?

Good themes for a formal winter dance include weather themes, cold destinations and holiday themes, states About.com. Other good themes for a formal dance that takes place in the winter include famous winter events or color themes.

Weather themes are good for a winter formal as winter weather is a popular conversation topic this time of the year. Themes such as the Snow Ball or the Flurry Formal are popular, as are themes such as Winter Wonderland or the Icicle Dance. Think of great winter words and combine them with a word meaning dance for a good theme.

Cold destination themes, such as the Alaskan Ball or Antarctic Formal, are also popular for winter formals. People may base these themes on certain locations in an area or use music from local artists from a particular cold destination.

Since there are a number of winter holidays, such as Valentine's Day and Christmas, there are also a number of formal themes that reflect holidays, too. The Gumdrop Gala, Winter Solstice Ball or Cupid's Arrow Cotillion are all ideas that use a holiday theme.

Famous events that happen in the winter may also serve as a good formal theme, such as the Winter Olympics. Color themes may also work for winter dances, especially colors such as blue, silver, white, gray and purple. These colors blend well together and give any venue the look of winter.