What Are Some Good Themes for a Sweet 16 Party?

good-themes-sweet-16-party Credit: Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

There are many themes to consider for a sweet-16 party, including glamour, beach, chocolate, Mardis Gras, red carpet, pretty in pink, slumber and dress to impress. Other ideas for a sweet-16 party include New York, Paris, winter wonderland, tropical luau or fashion.

Sweet-16 birthdays should be fun and memorable occasions, with a party to match the occasion. Aside from specific themes, options for a memorable sweet-16 party include broader categories as well, such as a dance party or a pool party. Dance parties are widely customizable and can feature music from a hired DJ as well as a movie soundtrack or a combination of the birthday girl's favorite songs. A pool party can be a fun way to celebrate a sweet-16 birthday while having a place to cool off in the warm summer months. Some ideas for this type of party include having a large inflatable movie screen by the pool along with a volleyball net or other pool toys. Other fun ideas for a sweet-16 party include an outdoor movie party; a scavenger hunt involving small objects, photos or even videos scattered around the property or town; or a game-related party, such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution.