What Are Some Good Themes for Charades?

Good charade themes vary widely and depend on who is playing. Adult themes include television characters, movies and celebrities both old and current. Child themes include cartoons, books or even homework-related subjects so as to keep them involved and excited.

Charade themes can be as wide or as narrow as one would like, and there are many themes to choose from. Themes that are rather broad, such as movies, songs or television shows, can be narrowed down for more difficulty or smaller groups. Themes such as television or movie characters, famous quotes, memorable song lyrics, singers and actors can all help narrow down particularly broad themes.

Charades does have a set of rules, but bending the rules for children can make it much more fun. Allowing kids to use sounds, toys or even masks can make the game much more inviting and easier to play for the younger crowd. Ask them what their favorite foods, cartoons, books or songs are, and use these suggestions to make themes for the game.

Children aren't the only ones who can bend the rules a bit. Adults can use props or hurried costumes to make the game more fun. Keep in mind the most important rule: do not say outright the name of the particular subject.

Another idea is to allow more people to do the charade. In bigger groups, allow the person doing the charade to pick another to help him. This helps keep more people involved and makes harder subjects easier to pull off without giving it away too quickly.