What Are Some Good Thanksgiving Prayers and Blessings?

There are many prayers and blessings for Thanksgiving including: "We Give Thanks," "Help Me Thanksgiving Day Prayer," "Though Our Mouths Were Full of Song as the Sea," Psalm 110, "Thanksgiving Prayer" and "Thanksgiving Prayer for Children." These titles are a sample of both traditional and contemporary prayers of Thanksgiving.

"We Give Thanks," is a mealtime blessing written by Harry Jewell. Jewell's blessing is a Christian prayer offering thanks for food, life and freedom. The blessing also prays for health, strength and to live life as a Christian.

Samuel F. Pugh's prayer, "Help Me Thanksgiving Day Prayer," asks help in remembering bad times during good. This blessing asks that he remembers the hungry, jobless, homeless and suffering, The prayer then goes on to ask that while remembering those less fortunate, God helps to stir him into action.

"Though Our Mouths Were Full of Song as the Sea," is from the Hebrew Book of Prayer. This is a prayer that declares it is not possible to be thankful enough to God for the bounties bestowed.

Psalms 110 is often used as a prayers for Thanksgiving. Psalm 110 directs all lands to "make a joyful noise" in praising God and to "enter His gates with thanksgiving."

"Thanksgiving Prayer," is a short blessing written by Ralph Waldo Emerson. This prayer is a list of things to be thankful for: health, food, shelter, rest and love.

There are several blessings titled "Thanksgiving Prayer for Children." Most of these blessings are short and simple and several are couplets. Written in contemporary, less-formal language, these prayers usually offer a simple, rhyming thanks for the food.