What Are Some Good Thank You Notes for Customers?


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A good thank you note for a customer includes a handwritten note expressing the company's gratitude for their patronage. If the customer is actually a corporation, a pre-typed template can be used. This template can be personalized with pertinent details related to the relationship between the business and client in order to convey the importance of their patronage.

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Good thank you notes for customers always begin with a cordial greeting, such as "Dear." They highlight the services performed for the customer and the company's appreciation for the customer's business. These notes end with friendly closings such as "Warmly" or "Sincerely" and include the signature of the representative from the company who interacted with the client with the company's name as a by-line.

In addition to expressing appreciation, thank you notes can also be used to further business. Their aim may be to retain a customer, or in cases such as real estate, when the customer will likely not return for years, garner referrals. Thank you letters can be sent at the end of a business promotion, after a sale or at the end of the year. If the note is to an individual, it is best to handwrite it on personalized stationary, and while a letter to a corporation can be typed, it should always include a signature and be delivered via mail, as opposed to email.

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