What Are Some Good Sweet Sixteen Gift Ideas?


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One unique gift to give a 16-year-old for her sweet sixteen is a magazine cover with her and information about her on it. Lifestyle9.org shows on the fake cover, the gift giver puts likes and dislikes, interests and future occupations. For a girl who likes purses, there are autograph purses where her family and friends all sign their names and are able to put sweet messages.

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One gift that helps a teenager become more responsible while having fun at the same time is a rechargeable gift card. Used similarly to a credit card, teens are able to go on a shopping trip but also must keep track of the money they spend, as they are one step closer to adulthood.

For the teen who likes to sing, a karaoke machine not only entertains her but also her friends. Some versions play easily with an MP3 player or tablet. The most teen-friendly machines include those with echo, sound and volume quality control.

A gift that is perfect from a parent or best friend is a happiness jar. Within this homemade gift are notes and memorabilia from the teenager's past. These include memories about her birth, childhood and special events and recitals. Also, including some of her favorite small candies helps sweeten things up.

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