What Are Some Good Spooky Halloween Words?

Examples of spooky words for Halloween include "nyctophobia," "sepulchral," "berserk" and "thanatopsis." Other examples of spooky words are "perdition," "trepidation" and "lycanthrope." "Nyctophobia" is an extreme fear of darkness and is derived from the Greek words "nux" and "phobia" which mean "night" and "an aversion."

"Sepulchral" is a word that refers to anything relating to burial. This word comes for the Latin word "sepulcralis" which means "to bury in the earth." The root word of "sepulchral" is "sepulcher" which means "tomb" or "crypt."

The word "berserk" refers to a crazy, deranged or violent frenzy. Originating from Old Norse, it is a combination of the word "bjorn" which means "bear" and "serkr" which means "armor." This etymology indicates that when a person goes berserk, she is acting with animal instincts instead of human logic.

"Thanatopsis" refers to a written perspective on death. It is considered a style of poetry that was popularized by William Cullen Bryant.

Christians believe that wicked people are condemned to a final spiritual punishment called "perdition." This word is derived from the Latin word "perdere" which means "to ruin."

"Trepidation" is an experience of fear that is accompanied by trembling or quivering. "Lycanthrope" is derived from the Greek word "lykanthropos" which means "wolf-man." It is an occult word for werewolf.