What Is a Good Script for a Murder Mystery Party?


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A good script for a murder mystery party is "Sour Grapes of Wrath," a mystery about the death of Robert Killingsworth. Prior to his death, Robert bought a farm and winery with his wife, Elizabeth, but, without him, his wife cannot keep up with the business and the property. The murder mystery takes place when six visitors come to the farm and one of them is Robert's killer.

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There are six characters plus Robert's widow, and each character has his own script broken up into six rounds. For each round, each character has a scenario to follow and information that he must reveal. There is also secret information that he only needs to reveal another character challenges him to do so. The script also includes secret clues that participants discover in each round to help the guests decide who the killer is. The solution provides six different confession statements, one for each character, that reveals the killer.

Another option for a murder mystery party is to base it around a specific theme, such as the "Ho Ho Homicide" script with a Christmas theme. This script involves a character who commits murder to increase the productivity at the North Pole. The characters for this script include an elf, a reindeer, Mrs. Claus and Santa.

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