What Are Some Good Retirement Gift Ideas?


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Some good retirement gift ideas are hobby gifts, scrapbooks or photo albums, travel gifts or gift cards. A few other options include treating the retiree to a special lunch or event, making a donation to the retiree's favorite charity, wine and special liquor or a handwritten note.

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What Are Some Good Retirement Gift Ideas?
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Often, retirees are interested in a hobby, such as golf, gardening or painting; a good gift for such retirees are materials that pertain to their hobby, such as books, paints or fishing gear. Another option is purchasing a series of classes, time on a golf course or a park permit. Taking that concept one step further, the gift-giver can also arrange time to take the retiree out so both people can enjoy the hobby.

Scrapbooks or photo albums are gifts that honor the retiree's contributions to the company, customers and peers using specific moments from her career. Gift cards also offer the retiree the ability to treat herself to activities or products of her choice. Fine wine and liquor is a great gift for a retiree who is a connoisseur. Handwritten notes are personal and heartfelt, showing the retiree she is appreciated. If the retiree has a charity she supports or for which she volunteers, making a donation or agreeing to volunteer is another way to honor her.

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