What Are Some Good Quotes With Which to Start a Valedictory Speech?

One example of a good quote for a graduation speech is "If we did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves," by Thomas Edison. Another example is "All our dreams can come true -- if we have the courage to pursue them," from Walt Disney.

Both Edison and Disney were high achievers. Thomas Edison patented over 1,000 inventions. Some of these inventions are the phonograph, incandescent light bulb, kinetoscope, nickel-iron batteries and certain parts of the movie camera. Walt Disney was a famous animator and filmmaker. His works won him over 20 Academy Awards, as of 2015. He is also responsible for founding California's Disneyland and Florida's Disney World.

One of the major purposes of a valedictory speech is to inspire and motivate classmates for the next phase of their lives. These quotes communicate a sense of endless possibility and help remind people that they are capable of doing great things. In addition to opening a valedictory speech, these quotes can be used to inspire the content of the speech itself. Some other things to think about when writing a graduation speech are the events and shared experiences from the years of school and all the people who took part in them.