What Are Some Good Questions for the Newlywed Game?


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Good questions for the newlywed game demonstrate how well the couple knows each other, such as one that asks what breakfast cereal the wife would describe the husband as. Another fun question type asks the couple to complete a sentence by filling in a blank.

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What Are Some Good Questions for the Newlywed Game?
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Other good questions for the newlywed game test the couple's knowledge of each other's past. For example, such questions may ask what their last argument was about, who was interested in marriage first or who the other spouse's best friend is. Questions that test the couple's mutual interests are also fun, such as those addressing what the couple's theme song is or what kind of animal would be their favorite pet. Additionally, interesting questions may reveal things that the couple did not know about each other. This kind of question may include riskier subject matter, such as secrets that one spouse thought nobody knew but that are actually common knowledge.

The newlywed game tests the knowledge that each spouse has about the other by posing quirky questions. The game also reveals the common interests that couples share. It does not necessarily have to be played by newlyweds. Any couple can join the game to discover new aspects of their relationship.

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