What Are Some Good Pumpkin Decorating Ideas?


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One good pumpkin decorating idea is to spray paint the pumpkin with chalkboard paint and draw festive illustrations in white chalk markers. Another idea is to spray paint the pumpkin in a pale green-blue and strategically adhere black lace for a veiled look.

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What Are Some Good Pumpkin Decorating Ideas?
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Another creative and easy pumpkin decorating idea uses thumbtacks to create a message or image. First, paint the pumpkin any color with a matte finish and allow it to dry. Using a wax pencil, write letters or draw other designs on the pumpkin. Finally, gently insert big brass button thumbtacks along the outline using a hammer.

Another idea is a hollowed-out and lit pumpkin with drilled shapes around the body. Instead of cutting the top of the pumpkin like a traditional jack-o-lantern, this design requires a cut from the bottom. With a wax pencil, outline a simple dotted image or design on the body of the pumpkin. Using a medium drill bit, gently punch out the dots on the outline. Make the space between the holes even for a uniform look.

A slightly more complex decorating idea is an owl pumpkin made of one small and one large pumpkin. Remove the stem of the larger pumpkin and then hot glue the small pumpkin on top. Cut out eyes, eyelashes, a beak, wings and feet from construction paper, card stock and cupcake liners. Hot glue the pieces to the pumpkin.

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