What Are Some Good Projects for Mole Day?

Mole Day projects can either focus on chemistry or on the mole itself. Making food representing the mole or elements from the periodic table, and making stuffed, knitted or crocheted moles are popular projects. The 2014 Mole Day theme is Mole-o-ween. A fun project for that theme might be to dress stuffed moles up in Halloween costumes.

A project surrounding the significance of mole as a number explores its use in distance, mass, volume and area. Students choose an idea for two of the four areas. They then create and solve a problem related to the area they chose and present their problem on a poster board. For example, students could pick distance and mass. For mass, they could determine the mass of a mole of mammalian moles. They have to research the mass of a mammalian mole, then calculate the mass. On the poster board, they write their problem as a question, write out the calculations, provide the researched data and sources and add illustrations to visually depict their problem. Students then repeat the process for their other choice. A student can examine how many times a mole of dollar bills would encircle the Earth or how many times a mole of rulers would travel to the Moon and back to Earth.

Mole Day is a celebration held on October 23, which falls during National Chemistry Week. It honors Avogadro's number, 6.02 x 1023, which is a measuring unit in the field of chemistry.