What Are Some Good Presentation Box Styles?


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Examples of good presentation box styles include those with lift-off lids, those with shoulders, boxes with hinged lids and one-piece clamshell boxes. Other options include slipcase boxes, presentation totes and boxes with specialized closures, such as Velcro, snaps or latches.

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Presentation boxes with lift-off lids are one of the most common types of boxes for presenting gifts. Each box consists of two pieces, a rigid rectangular bottom for storing the gift and a snug-fitting lid that the gift-receiver lifts to open the box. Shoulder-style presentation boxes are similar to those with lift-off lids, except the bottom portion contains an inner tray insert, called a shoulder, inside the outer base. The shoulder is usually a different color than the outer base, giving the box a more detailed look.

Hinged-lid presentation boxes consist of only one piece because the lid is attached to the top edge of the base and bends up and down at a crease to open and close the box. One-piece clamshell presentation boxes have a similar design, but the lid hinges at the bottom of the box rather than at the top.

Slipcase boxes feature a base that slides in and out of an outer covering like a drawer. Presentation totes contain handles for convenient transportation. Boxes with advanced closures, such as snaps and Velcro, help keep the contents especially secure and ensure easy packaging.

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