What Are Some Good Poems for Remembrance Day?

What Are Some Good Poems for Remembrance Day?

There are a number of appropriate poems for Remembrance Day, including poems written during the First World War, such as "In Flanders Fields" and "For the Fallen." Some other poems written after the First World War include "High Flight" and "MCMXIV."

"In Flanders Fields" is perhaps the most commonly used Remembrance Day poem. Written by Canadian Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, the speaker urges the listener to avenge his death as he lies dead beneath the fields of poppies in Flanders. John McCrae wrote the poem in 1915 after the death of a close friend in Ypres, Belgium, and the poem became immediately popular and was used extensively during the war.

"For the Fallen," written by Laurence Binyon in 1914, laments the death of the young and the fact that they will never grow old. Binyon volunteered in military hospitals during the war and saw death first hand. He wrote the poem after the Battle of the Marne.

John Gillespie Magee, Jr. wrote "High Flight" in 1941 during the Second World War. Magee enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force and describes in the poem the experience of flying in his Spitfire.

"MCMXIV" takes a slightly longer view of the war era, being written by Philip Larkin 19 years after the end of the Second World War. The poem describes the destruction of innocence for the young men who signed up to fight in 1914.