What Are Some Good Poems for the Birth of a Grandchild?


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Some good poems for the birth of a grandchild are "We Love You Little One" and "Grandchildren." Another poem that speaks from the perspective of a grandparent writing to her child at the birth of her grandchild is "Time Well Spent."

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"We Love You Little One" talks about how a grandparent's love for her grandchild begins at the grandchild's birth and about the grandparents' eager anticipation of the arrival of the new child. The grandparents talk about looking forward to bedtime stories and nursery rhymes. In life, the child needs to learn how to stand tall and play fair, the poem says. The grandparents promise to love the grandchild throughout the grandchild's life.

"Grandchildren" talks about how a grandmother understands why her grandchildren are "grand." The author talks about the excitement of receiving the phone call that a new grandchild has arrived. She talks about how grandchildren remind her of raising her own children. The poem says that God has a plan in bringing family together and that grandchildren have a "sweet face" and a cheerful smile. The poem ends by saying that each child is special.

Similarly, "Time Well Spent" talks about the grandchild's tiny fingers and toes. The poem describes the child's nose as "cute." Even though the parents spend large amounts of time caring for the child, the time with the child is happy. The poem ends by encouraging the new parents to take time for "all the good that comes along with parenthood."

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