What Are Good Places to Have a Party in the Evening?

Good places to have an evening party include hotels, bars and restaurants, but parties at home can be very successful. Museums and sports clubs are also good options. Some venues have designed party rooms that can be reserved for special locations.

If the host is serving food and drinks or having a pot-luck, an at-home location may be appropriate for a casual mealtime get-together with close friends. A quiet cul-de-sac or local green space is perfect for a neighborhood block party. Community groups may choose a community center or church, and these facilities usually allow visitors to bring their own refreshments. For a more formal or catered gathering of colleagues, less personal venues are appropriate; these include art galleries, museums, and golf or country clubs.

Great spaces for young adults such as high school or college graduates include lake or country cabins and mountain chalets. Apartment complex party rooms are good venues that let party-goers' parents watch from a distance. Local resorts or bowling alleys can often be rented out for parties.

Wheelchair access is a consideration, and facilities without stairs are often available. Venues which are interesting for little ones include zoo and aquariums, many of which have child-centered areas and staff who can occupy the children.