What Are Some Good Phrases to Use on a 60th Birthday Cake?


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Some good phrases to use on a 60th birthday cake include, "You aren't really 60. Just 21 with 39 years of experience!" Another example is, "I look 30. I feel 16. I act 14. That must make me 60!" A shorter phrase is, "60 is 6 Perfect 10s!"

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Longer phrases that can be used for a larger cake include, "I'm not 60. I'm $59.95 plus tax!" and, "The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune."

Shorter phrases for smaller cakes or heavily decorated cakes that have little room for inscription are, "60 & Sassy" or, "21,914 days young."

Funny phrases for a 60th birthday cake are, "R.I.P. David's youth," "Turning 60 and still kicking" and, "Old fart, young at heart." Other silly sayings are, "60 years old, still not acting your age," "Over the hill" and 60 is just a number--a very BIG number." Another humorous phrase is, "Welcome to geezerdom officially!"

Some good sentimental phrases are, "Aged like fine wine," "You're not old, you're vintage" and, "60 years old and getting better every day."

Ideas for romantic phrases for a 60th birthday cake include, "60 years old and sweeter than frosting" and, "Celebrating 60 years of God's gift to me."

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