What Is a Good Party Idea for a 15th Birthday?

One good idea for a 15th birthday party is renting a limousine to pick up the birthday boy and all his guests. The limo can take the group to eat pizza, see a movie, have a scavenger hunt or watch a sporting event.

For nature-loving teens, camping is an ideal activity for a 15th birthday party. Parents can make arrangements to rent a campsite at a local campground, and guests can invite a parent or sibling to join them. Hiking, fishing, boating and ghost stories are just a few fun activities that allow everyone to participate.

House parties offer a cost-effective way to get creative. Chips and dips are inexpensive, and the birthday boy and his guests can make their own pizzas. Entertainment can be as easy as video games or karaoke tournaments. Teens who don’t mind a bit of nostalgia might enjoy old-fashioned games, such as Twister or musical chairs, both of which are great for co-ed parties.

Themes are also a cool idea, and guests can be required to dress up as a character from the birthday teen’s favorite book, movie or TV show. This idea lends itself to a costume contest, and the teens can also have a contest to come up with a social media hashtag to document the party.