What Are Some Good Party Games for Baby Showers?


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Good party games for baby showers include guess the baby, diaper derby, blindfolded diaper changing and the name game, suggests Today. A non-competitive game is mother knows best, in which each guest shares a piece of parental advice or something she loved that her own parents did.

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What Are Some Good Party Games for Baby Showers?
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For guess the baby, each guest brings a baby picture of herself. The host writes a number on each picture and puts in on the wall. Each guest then writes down her guess for which baby picture corresponds to each other guest. The guest who has the most correct guesses is the winner.

In a diaper derby, the host divides the guests into teams and provides each team with a roll of toilet paper. Each team has five minutes to create a mock diaper for one team member using the toilet paper. The host chooses the winning team.

Each guest receives a doll, a diaper and a blindfold for blindfolded diaper changing. The guest who can change a diaper the fastest while blindfolded is the winner.

For the name game, each guest suggests one baby name that has the first letter of both the mother's and father's first names. If the baby's gender isn't known yet, each guest suggests one name for each gender. The host chooses the winner.

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