What Are Some Good Party Game Ideas?


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Ideas for party games include Freeze Dance, I Never and Human Pretzel. These games get party goers active and socializing, and they can be played by younger children or teenagers.

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What Are Some Good Party Game Ideas?
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When playing Freeze Dance, one person is in charge of the music. While the music is playing, everyone dances. As soon as the music stops, anyone who doesn't immediately freeze is eliminated. Play continues until one person remains and is declared the winner.

For the game I Never, players hold 20 pieces of candy and sit in a circle. The first person says something that he has never done, such as, "I have never been to Disney World," or "I have never flown in a plane." Any player who has done the thing just named eats a piece of candy. Play continues around the circle, and the first person who finishes his candy is the winner.

To play Human Pretzel, players stand in a circle and tangle themselves up by holding out both hands and grabbing onto two other hands that do not belong to the person standing next to them. Then they work as a group to untangle themselves back into the circle without letting go of each other's hands.

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